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Midi Music News : Offerte Waves Giugno 2014
Notizia del 3/6/2014 15:41:00

Offerte Waves valide sino al 30 Giugno 2014

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Midi Music News : Aggiornamento Firmware Mixer PreSonus StudioLiveAI
Notizia del 9/5/2014 13:38:00

Da oggi è disponibile il nuovo firmaware per i mixer della famiglia StudioLive AI. versione 1.0.5124


Aggiornamento raccomandato per tutti gli utenti StudioLive AI

To get the new firmware, please visit My.PreSonus.com and log in with your PreSonus username and password. Once logged in, choose your StudioLive AI mixer in the “My Hardware” section. From the subsequent page, choose “Firmware.” You will then be presented with an option to download the latest firmware, and you should do so. It pays to stay current!

For more detailed instructions in getting your firmware installed, kindly click here for a knowledgebase article on the subject, or check out the videos at the end of this post. Click here to download the full release notes in a .PDF.

Primary issues addressed:

  • Returning Feature: POST EQ&DYN button for post-dsp recording of channels
  • 2277: DSP overrun distortion at 48kHz
  • 2789: Low frequency harmonic noise on GEQ
  • 2798: Corrupt Aux Mix data prevents remote app connection
  • 2825: Mute Group store corruption’


Additional bug fixes:

  • 2650: Linked Auxes with Even as master have incorrect permissions pairs
  • 2733: Stereo GEQ only applied to left side until toggled (only after firmware update)
  • 2759: Solo mode setting not saved on reboot
  • 2770: Mute Group ALL OFF turns on Talkback


Midi Music News : Nuovo listino Maggio 2014
Notizia del 7/5/2014 07:15:42

Pubblicato il nuovo listino di Maggio 2014

Listino al pubblico

Midi Music News : Offerte Waves Maggio 2014
Notizia del 5/5/2014 09:30:00

Offerte Waves valide sino al 31 Maggio 2014

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Midi Music News : NI MASCHINE 2.1!
Notizia del 14/4/2014 14:30:00

E' disponibile da oggi, gratuitamente la versione 2.1 di MASCHINE.
L'aggiornamento è corposo e scaricabile direttamente dal Service Center.

Ecco le principali novità:

  • Group Batch MIDI Setup
  • Mixer view on MASCHINE Controller and MASCHINE MK2
  • Improved metronome behavior
  • Pinning of undocked panels in the plug-in strip
  • Fast Scroll in MASCHINE browser
  • Grit Kick Drum Synth module
  • Shaker Performer mode in Shaker module
  • Navigate Page
  • Performance improvements and bug fixes

Clicca qui, per visionare il video ed avere maggiori informazioni sulle novità incluse!


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